Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Intelligent Design

I've been totally slacking on posting as of late, but there has been a lot going on in my little world.  Since I do have a single track mind, and just about everything I do ties into the bike, I figure I should write a bit about some of those other things I do.  One of those things is photographing architecture.

I recently got the opportunity to shoot a very cool home designed by fellow bike freak and Architect Brian Fuentes, of Fuentes Designs.  Brian is totally committed to lessening the impact we put on our planet by building as green as possible, and not the "green building" that many folks are claiming, but truly innovative and intelligent building that makes a difference.  Brian has also been car free (which could also be construed as care free), for quite a few years, preferring to get around on two wheels under his own power.

The chance to shoot a home like this does not come around too often simply because not too many homeowners are aware enough to realize the benefits of building for the future.  Although there may be a few more costs up front, the long term benefits to the homeowners, and to the environment, definitely outweigh those costs.  Brian could go into detail about all that went into the design of this house, so please feel free to contact him with any questions.

The home owners were very helpful during the shoot, and it was obvious they took pride in the fact that they had invested in the future by building in a way they feel is important to the environment and the conservation of our resources.

Brian was also super helpful on the shoot and acted as my assistant for the two days of shooting we did.  Hopefully Brian will continue to design homes for this type of client, and hopefully more people will see the light and become this type of client!  Thanks Brian!