Saturday, September 25, 2010

All the Usual Suspects

First race with all the usual suspects.  Field was 40 or more.  My call up didn't help much as the road sprint went on forever.  Dry and dusty out in the fields. Great course with ditches logs and a run up.  Gotta make the starts a priority.  Once the boys are away it's nearly impossible to get back on.  Good pain and suffering.  Good pain and suffering.

Getting back in the grove shooting.  Awareness returns with time behind the lens.  CX'ers move a lot faster than the houses I've been shooting.  Damn that dust though!  Lenses are grinding, sensors are spotty.  Let it snow!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let the Suffering Begin

CX season is back.  Figured I'd get a couple races under my belt last weekend.  Steamboat and Copper.  Always good to get slapped in the face early in the season.  Oh yeah, I gotta work at it if I wanna be fast.  Super fun racing again, trying to get dialed on the CX bike after a fully suspended summer.

Small fields gave me some room to work out a few kinks.  Still lots of room for improvement, those guys up front are so damn fast...