Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Dip

Two in a row this weekend.  First day was fast and flowing, coolest course of the year for me. Threw down hard but played it smart, recover, recover, go. Second day was pretty rough with a couple long run ups.  Not much jam but kept it steady.

Lots of carnage and tragedy narrowly avoided.  Keller taken out by a rider warming up.  Coyle glancing off a 3 year old girl loose on the course.  Myself having at least two close calls with riders warming up.  It's crazy out there.  Round and round we go...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Family Affair

First time my wife and kid have watched me race in two years.  Really a good feeling to look over and see my 5 year old daughter Ruby yelling "go daddy!"  Puts things in perspective.  Placing doesn't matter as much.  Of course it is still why I am out there, to push myself, see where I can go.

Sweet venue up in the mountains.  Longs Peak keeping an eye on things.  Rugged course with lots of places to go wrong.  Took myself out twice in places that should have been no issue.  Feeling good, getting a bit jumpy.  Sit in and be smooth, it will come.  Lots of fun coming up in the new few weeks!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Fall is here.  I know because this is when the fingers and thumbs start to crack.  Makes squeezing that lime into the bottle a painful experience.  Small price to pay.  I also know it's fall because I had to wear my knee warmers before the race last weekend.  A brutal affair trying to dodge the wind, sucking wheel like a baby.  Survival from the start.  Straight and flat with nary a turn to be had...