Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Time

The CX Gods smiled upon us and brought some wet stuff for the big weekend in Fort Collins.  Two days of worship filled the cup.  Couldn't race but gave it everything I had to capture the weekend.  Here are some favorites from Saturday...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Head Spinning and CX Eyed

What a weekend of festivities! Killer to have all the big names in town to throw down with the local heat. Jake Wells had a great weekend, as did Nicole Duke. Boulder Cycle Sport, the Hudz/Subaru crew, the Tough Girls, all had impressive results. But results don't tell the whole story, and many of our local racers were relegated to the back of the pack at the start due to lack of UCI points.

On Sunday, I saw Pete Webber start one or two rows from the back in the Men's Open race.  This is in a field of nearly 100 racers. Pete worked his way up to 19th place by the finish, imagine what could have been if he were to start near the front.  Regardless, everyone had their work cut out for them as they chased the likes of Tim Johnson and Katie Compton around the course.

My lungs hurt from racing and screaming and my neck hurts from lugging around all that camera gear.  Had a blast shooting all weekend and can't wait for the USGP to roll through Fort Collins.

Da Boys

After shooting all day, and racing Saturday, I could barely get out of bed on Sunday.  I really wanted to race the new course at Flatirons but I knew it would be a futile effort.  I couldn't stay away.  I had to go shoot the guys I usually race with.  Once again I got so involved in yelling at everyone that I missed a lot of shots.  Here are a few of my favorites from the 35+ race.  Can't wait to re-tool and get back out there.

Brian Hludzinski with the hole shot.

Jeff Cospolich on the run-up.

Mark Legg-Compton likes to show up every once in a while and kick some ass.

Rod Yoder capturing it and sharing it.